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Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
Hey Mike,

Rear friction drive would be the simplest and easiest. If you do it yourself with a weedwhacker/chainsaw/edger motor, it can be as cheap as $100 or less.

If you use a new Staton with Subaru or Honda 50 engine, installation is less than two hours but cost is $499-$769, not including shipping.

Whatcha going do, climb hills or ride flat ground?

How fast ya wanna go, 20mph or 30mph?
Sorry for the delay in answering your post ... I thought I had replied already but I don't see it here in thread.

Mainly I just want to geezer-around my little town. Not much in the way of hills here and the roads are good two-lane blacktops. Top speed of 15-20 would be OK with me.

Actually I'm just about certain that I'll be going with a Stanton friction setup w/ 35 Robin/Subaru 4-stroke no matter which bike I end up with. I've only heard good things about this rig.

Thanks again for your input ... much appreciated.
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