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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by truckd View Post
I am hoping that I'm in the right place to get a tip?
I have a 1947 JC Higgins had it Bead Blasted and bought Rustolium Primer, Paint and clear lacquer cleaned the metal with acetone, primed and started with cream color and Bam! Crinkle! ok color sand re-paint, everything cool then Lacquer Bam! Crinkle! ok everything stripped for 3rd time what is going on ????????????
I had a similar experience with one build. I stripped the bike to bare metal, primed it, painted with the color coat and when spraying the final clear coat it immediately crinkled and looked like ****. It turns out that I had not waited long enough for the color coat to cure before giving it the clear coat. Don't remember how long I waited, but it wasn't enough. What might be a good idea is to test paint something that doesn't matter, an old fender or something and then test a small area with the clear coat to see if you've waited long enough for the curing of the color coat.
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