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Default Re: My Bike Won't Start

Originally Posted by SoldierBoy View Post
when you poured to much oil into it the carb sucked it in you can either open the carb up and clean it or i have a much easier idea take the spark plug off set it down some were and peddle with the clutch on to air it out
Not really a good idea. It has been proven that spinning the engine with the spark plug wire disconnected (plug not grounded) can cause CDI failure.

We did some experimentation on this last summer and found it to be true. Admittedly it did not occure every time we tried it but in one out of three tries we fried the CDI.
Other members have also experienced CDI failures due to a faulty spark plug boot.

Never mix your fuel/oil in the bike tank. Always mix in a separate container and shake to mix before pouring into the tank.

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