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Talking Re: Any Welders For Hire in L.A.? It's Almost Time.

Originally Posted by buba View Post
mike 8 mike b has a very good bit of advice
took my 7 year old to the museum of science at exposition park near Figueroa last weekend had a construction exhibit -hands on -pertaining to earthquakes
about six 1X2 foot sections of sheet steel with a board screwed in on top
one was all parallel pieces and another had cross pieces making the square spaces triangles first one shook side to side the triangled one was solid as a rock -- triangles!!! reminds me of mid 60's saw and heard Buckminster Fuller (one of my heroes) at Hunter College NYC do a slide presentation- a life highlite =geodesic domes =dymaxian car
he had it down -triangles are natures strongest shape!!!! super duper glass threaded bondo or not I would put a few cross braces in you rear wheel section
I'm not arguing that triangles are stronger. All I'm saying is a bike, car, plane, boat or train only needs to be as strong as the maximum forces that they encounter. There is no need to overbuild anything unless it encounters forces that demand it.

The real question is how strong is what I already have and what can it possibly be compared to.......bicycle wise. Look at it. I never seen anything quite like it to even ponder a guess at how strong it is. What would you even compare it to? LOL
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