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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

The reed block I ordered from JNMotors arrived today, so I had something to play with.

I pulled the carb and intake off the cruiser, checked how the block would sit and marked the fin above it for notching. Notched it out, and block sits flush, so fastened it on. The carb bowl was hanging up on the clutch cable guide/peg so I had to pull that. Having nothing that matched the size of it (dia. or threading) I ended up cutting the top off it, using the dremel disk to put a groove in the top and put it back into the hole in the case, snugged down with a screwdriver. Now the carb bowl clears, but there appears to be around a 1/16" difference between diameter of the end of the reed block and the inside diameter of the carb's mount. I have it tightened together but I'm going to have to find an O ring or do something else to make sure there's a good seal. Pretty sure it isn't sealing properly right now.

Pulled the intake off the carb and cleaned it up a bit, and since it was just loose enough to be sloppy I tightened the nut holding the choke lever assembly together.

Since I was tinkering with it, I pulled the exhaust off the other side of the jug. I replaced the studs and cleaned the surface up. Checked the flange of the exhaust. It looked pretty good, but when holding an 8" level against it with the light behind it there was a visible gap, it was slightly concave. Tried to bend the edges of the flange back a bit, and it's much closer to flat now. New gasket, new hardware on the new studs, and it's pretty solid.

Tightened everything up, and took it out for a test. It started, and runs but it's either screaming or slowly stalling out at idle. Once started it's happy with the choke half open, but has no power at wide open, so I'm going with 'air leak' as the main problem right now. I'm too chilled to keep tinkering with it today, it's right around freezing temp in the garage.


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