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Question Getting the left brake handle back?

I always hated tying the two brakes together at one side of the bars [dual caliper]I have been looking at the PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE INSTALLATION they have a set up that can free up the clutch caliper, by using an internal free wheel/centrifugal set up . I was wondering how the reputation is on this? Has anyone tried these yet? This kinda looks like the cats meow!I got a Kings china with over 4000 miles on it seems to me ya cannot where the pucks out on it. However having a nail at 27mph and the size front tire I like to run is absolutely enormous. With rock shox triple tree forks down hill style. I cannot help but worry about flying over the bike couz the tire got cought up in the forks somehow say after catching a nail or who knows what . Separate brake controls means in such a scenario you could pick the rear brake only and safely stop. LOL
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