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Default Looking for riders in Maricopa and/or Phoenix Az

Good Evening all,
After 15+ years in the city of Lost Wages Nevada I am packing up my family and moving to a suburb of Phoenix Az called Maricopa (about 20 miles south) at the Feb 2014. It took me 2 years to finally find someone in Vegas to ride with, and I am hoping that it will take less time in Arizona to be able to meet up with some MBers.
I know there are at least a few forum members out there, do you guys ever get together and do fun rides? I also like to do some light (under 50 miles) road bicycle riding and would like to find someone to ride with once in a while.
Anyone close to my neck of the woods? Phoenix is a damn big town, 1.6 million people. I tell you I never thought it would take 90 miles to get across a city in good traffic.
Anyway I hope to be able to meet at least a couple of you when I move.

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