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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

Originally Posted by Smoothe View Post
How about the upgrade kit without the bike so people could use their own choice of rides?
There are a lot of factors that make a universal kit difficult to develope. I want to know that if a customer buys a specific bike, he/she will have zero problems...this is the reason that my kit will be specific to a certain brand/model initially. As I pursue this further I will learn how to produce kits that fit a variety of bikes. This takes time...for now I want to produce a kit that is guranteed to alleviate the common installation problems for a given make/model.

When a newbie comes to this forum and is upfront about the fact that they have very little mechanical ability...I want seasoned MB's on this forum to tell them that thier best bet is to buy my kit and the recommended bike.

I know it is limiting, and of course the kit will undoubtedly be able to be adapted to another make/model of bike...but the guarantee of zero hassle is what I'm after.


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