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Wink Introducing my new build

I havenít given her a name yet, and still have a lot of work to do, but with the pics you
should be able to see what Iím doing, right now Iím wearing it in and let me be very clear
IíM NOT BREAKING ANYTHING I never understood the term breaking it in. I hate that term LOL
Itís a nel lusso with a 48cc/66cc (wink wink) , a 1.2 gallon whizzer tank, and a sprocket adapter.
I now have about 70 miles on it, conditioning it, waiting for the rings to seat and the clutch
Pads to wear in.
Right now and off the bat I could hit 20 mph and day by day it seems to be getting stronger
After riding it and then going back to my 49cc the vibes seem about the same, my butt tingles
A little after a ride, and I got about a quarter of a gallon left after 70 miles.
You can see what I did to prep the engine here
More photos to come as I finish it off.
Any questions?
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Save time
see it my way!

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