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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

IWW, That was classic.

On the subject of ignorant drivers, most of the time it is best to let them be and brush it off. Just move on and forget it. There will always be stupid people out there.
One time I was driving my truck and had right of way in a turn, the guy that turned in behind me was VERY upset because he thought it was his turn. (Poor baby) we went down the road about 3 miles with him on my bumper on a 2 lane windy road. I went exactly the speed limit with no varieation or obvious reaction to his tantrum. When the road opened up, he flew by me, flipped me off, and I thought it was over. Nope. The road narrows back down and then has a median at a 4 way stop. He came to a complete stop. I pull up behind (still having shown no reaction to his tantrum) He gets out of his truck and starts coming at me yelling. I cant go around.

2 very stupid things on his part. WE ARE IN TEXAS. EVERYBODY HAS A GUN!
Number 2, I AM STILL IN A 4,000 pound truck, he is on foot!

My truck was a stick, and had some good power. I put it in reverse and dropped the clutch, and squealed some tires. (first time i showed any reaction to him, but wasn't going to let him get close to my truck.)
He finally got the idea, yelled one more cuss word at me, got back in his truck and drove away. lol

I also keep a large mag light handy always.

It happens to everybody. In cars and bikes. Just learn to let it go and move on.
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