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Originally Posted by buba View Post
I hear you mike--that is why I am going on headlong with a few of my projects just hope the po-po don't get ridiculously difficult!!!!

you know they hold the power- right or wrong- in Los Angeles - cross that line -
talk back - simply defend your position or describe what actually may or may not have taken place and you can end up dead!!!!!
Actually Sacramento holds all the power. The Po-Po can only enforce what is already written. The Po-Po can't make up the law on the fly.

You gotta admit though those Crenshaw guys are crazy the way they ride. Some have helmets, some don't. Some have lights, some don't. Some obey bike laws, some don't. None of them have plates. The only constant with them is that they all ride smokers and sound like chainsaws going down the road. They just don't care about the legalities of riding a motorized bicycle. LOL
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