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Default Correct me if I'm wrong

I was just on eBay checking out some pistons when this jug pops up stating its been ported and polished for optimal performance and a 30% increase in power .

now look close at this jug pictured closely do you see the schlage I do?
Also it says it's brand new, now does that piston look new to anyone?
The rings perhaps but not that piston these are the guys you gotta watch out for.

Look at both ports do they look like they have ever been touched with anything other than fuel and air " I messaged the seller & asked if the one pictured is the one I'd get? I was told yes it is " His other stuff looks good but this jug just caught me as

& I thought my porting job sucked at least actually I took a dremel to mine.. & wouldnt dream of ever seling one! This guy must and tried that new "wish port" method .

USE "CTRL +" to REALLY zoom in on the picture, then "CTRL -" to zoom out , you can eve see the hoogey boned threads on the left exhaust stud side How is this brand new I say B.S.

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