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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Originally Posted by Intrepid Wheelwoman View Post
Oh no, it was a 7mm calibre revolver, I am a lady afterall

From a purely engineering and design standpoint the Lefaucheux is a fascinating revolver. They were made in a number of calibres including 5mm, 7mm & 12mm and could be anything from 6 shot to 20 shot, though apparently some gun makers tried to go as far as a 30 shot capacity which made for an awfully unwieldy revolver that wasn't a great success.
When I purchased my 1900 Swedish Mauser rifle the gun dealer had a number of ex Belgian military issue Lefaucheux revolvers that he was selling for a surprisingly cheap price. No license was needed because ammunition was completely obsolete and not available and I very nearly bought one. My ex would've had a fit though if I had because we didn't have much money to come and go on. The Mauser was for hunting feral goats so it was a justifiable expense, me buying a Lefaucheux merely because I thought it was interesting would've made our divorce six years early for certain.
Ah, well, alright then.. as long as it's only 7mm. That's only .27 cal, good for close work and critters. Up to 30 rounds? That sounds like it would be very awkward and difficult to hold steady (just due to the weight).
However the mental image of a (somewhat conservatively dressed) lady astride her faithful bicycle hauling out a large caliber revolver like that due to a driver displaying poor skills and manners makes me smile.


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