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Default Re: Still nice people in this world!

Originally Posted by paul View Post
thank you for sharing nate, that is awesome. yes their is a lot of good people out their and a lot of them are part of our motorized bicycle community
Wow, neat! I've had so MANY countless times of where I've dropped wallets and other things and had them returned unscathed and in perfect condition! Alot of people would just take the money, and everything usable and trash the rest in a ditch or garbage can or who knows where. The mailmen also deliver someone else's mail to MY address when their street runs parallel to mine because the house numbers are the SAME but the street addresses are different, so..everytime......I run it over to him. It's HARD to find people that are so nice, most kids today are pretty snobby from what I've seen( I started building motor assisted bicycles at a young age too) I've had punks come up to my bike when I've been riding and throw footballs at me, swear, smack my bike with skateboards, throw bottles. I always help people out if I can, if I can track them down to their address to return something, I'll do it. Within reason anyway, if they live far away I'd probably mail them their lost item. I love meeting with fellow motorized bicycle members and other enthusiasts, when everyone enjoys the same hobby and you get together, it's PERFECT, and it's fun too! Also, have any pictures of your build Nate? I'd like to see!
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