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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Yikes, 12mm? That's a hair bigger than a .45, not quite a .50 caliber. It's a good thing he was moving away from you.. he'd otherwise have been confused, wondering where that train tunnel suddenly appeared from..
Oh no, it was a 7mm calibre revolver, I am a lady afterall

From a purely engineering and design standpoint the Lefaucheux is a fascinating revolver. They were made in a number of calibres including 5mm, 7mm & 12mm and could be anything from 6 shot to 20 shot, though apparently some gun makers tried to go as far as a 30 shot capacity which made for an awfully unwieldy revolver that wasn't a great success.
When I purchased my 1900 Swedish Mauser rifle the gun dealer had a number of ex Belgian military issue Lefaucheux revolvers that he was selling for a surprisingly cheap price. No license was needed because ammunition was completely obsolete and not available and I very nearly bought one. My ex would've had a fit though if I had because we didn't have much money to come and go on. The Mauser was for hunting feral goats so it was a justifiable expense, me buying a Lefaucheux merely because I thought it was interesting would've made our divorce six years early for certain.
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