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Default Re: First time MB'er

Got the kit, it wasn't advertised as so, but, it's a Red was in great working order but, when I got home I noticed that the rear studs have broken off at the block.
I should of took the advice in the other thread about changing the cheap hardware...oh well, it was fun today, now I gotta see about getting some vice grips on the studs....wish me luck...I don't want to have to tap em out!!!


Got the studs out, was a little off so I up sized to 8mm studs, it worked well.
But, now I am having an issue with top speed. When I floor it it winds up, then bogs back down?
I am running a 16:1 fuel/oil ratio....checked the cylinder walls just to make visible wear, swapped plug, not fouled out so next I'm going to rebuild carb and check the points

Update 2::

Alright all fixed up and running...yay!!!

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