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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Maniac57 I looked at it and think in the I can make a U-shape bracket that will connect left to right pillow bearing mounts as one. I will as meaning to do, cut to length threads and have all bolt heads on the inside. The largest sprocket is in place in the photo so I see room. The belt on the left when tensioned is also out of the way.

I should have the engine off to weld with it bolted in place, I can maybe have less warping that way.

I'd be needing to take the engine off to weld other areas for mounting bosses for my skeleton frame. That is what a fish art cover will go over to make it a parade vehicle. Then it will have the big 28 tooth sprocket and the smallest 8 tooth sprocket for around 38:1 to have crawl speed. Then I can have the clutch locked up so not to heat real bad in the desert and be going 3.5mph.

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