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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by MEASURE TWICE View Post
I tested out my bike after changing the crankcase oil breather that was shot. The spring stuck open wider than it ever was supposed to be and never shut.

The paper airfilter new replaced, the foam prefilter cleaned and replaced, and now it is not smokey. I got a new prefilter, but soap and water did a fine job cleaning it after it dried.

Putting back the chain on the two sprockets of the two jackshafts (upper and lower) has always been a pain. The bottom movable jackshaft left and right sides adjust separately while I set the chain tension. I think I may make a connection some how if I find a way and weld the left and right sides as one, this would negate so much effort and time getting it set right.

The problem is that I do not want the connection to get in the way of the chain, sprockets, or anything else I may not figure in just yet that may be needed.

In any case it worked just fine and the chain rides smooth.

I will be continuing on making bosses on the frame to hold the skeleton structure for the Art Fish Covering that will be used in parades.


Regarding your chain adjustment issue: Can you mount the bearings on a single plate that would then bolt to the existing mount and adjust both sides as one?
Just a thought....
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