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Originally Posted by buba View Post
Well it is about time--for me -- got a little breathing room and well--

Miked826 has got my blood boiling/inspired
I spent a few hours chopping and now if someone we all know and love would return over three weeks of private messages and facebook number calls and follow up with me so I can bend some one / one and a half inch tubing ---I may be able to get a bunch more interesting projects all honda fourstroked up and running.

it is good to be burning up some disks
While you're grinding away to your hearts content, if you smell something burning, don't just ignore it and continue grinding away like I did. I sent so many sparks to my jeans that they caught on fire with me in them. I almost set my junk on fire, which would have not been a good thing. Luckily my pants pocket saved me from melting my junk. LOL
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