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Default Re: How do I make a new bucking bar

The bucking bar length is critical. That's the problem with making a new one without your original for comparison.
As for making one; if you have a way to cut it, a 5/16" or an 8mm drill bit works well. The ends need to be slightly rounded and smooth. You can use softer steel but it will wear faster. The shank of a drill bit is best but you could also use a hardened bolt, grade 8 works well too.

I don't have an exact length to offer you right now but something close to an inch and a quarter will get you in the ball park.
If you lost the bucking bar you might have also lost the ball bearing that goes in before it. It too is 5/16" or 8mm. Both parts and the cam in the clutch actuator cover need to be lubricated with a good grade of bearing grease prior to reassembly.

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