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Default Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

If I were to make a complete upgrade kit that included:

1) Isolated engine mounts

2) sprocket adapter & sprocket

3) intake manifold

4) clutch actuator

5) all related hardware, and more as I do the first build.

Which bike would be preferred?

This kit will allow the Chinese engine kit to be installed without any fuss at all, using common tools. This kit wil alleviate the need to cobble any part of the kit together. Ridability and durability will be greatly enhanced. I may even include the tools...There will be a really good manual as well.

The Cranbrook is $89.00 and the Jaguar is $149.00.

I want to do a kit, (initially), for a readily available steel frame bike.

This is more or less a poll with the highest number of votes being the first one I'll offer. I'm partial to the Jaguar, but it is a bit more money.

I realize that there are many bikes other than these that make great motorbikes, but again I'm looking at it from a price and availability standpoint.

I know this kit will not be for everyone, but I would still like your input regarding these two bikes. For the customer who has limited mechanical knowledge, and even less patience/tools...this kit will be a real value.

If the interest is there, this kit can be ready for purchase by the end of January.

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