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I have a staton friction drive powered by a Mitsubishi clone. 1.6hp, .910 roller to pull all the hills around here. Top speed is 22 mph(verified by a portable mph reader that cities park on the side of the road to get people to slow down) mounted to a Phat Seabreeze with a sturmey archer 90 mm drum brake laced into the front wheel.

I went with the cheapest most reliable kit I could find. So far it has performed flawlessly and pulls me up the steepest hills, the gearing on my bike is so low that pedaling is futile unless starting from a stand still.

If I wanted to go faster I would buy a wr 250 to ride on the street. My bike as it sits now is perfect for 20 mph. Any faster and I would have to move to a MTB or replace the wheels and fork on my current ride. I like that my bike doesn't look like a motorcycle. It is a motorized bicycle and that is all it is.

If/when electric bikes and the batteries come down in weight and price I will consider getting one. **** a decent battery costs more than my whole kit. sLA's are wayyyyy to heavy. Finally their range is way to short. 2strokes are lighter and just as reliable as 4 strokes if you buy the right engine. I don't have the time, tools and garage space to work on a ht motor and I definitely don't have the talent. It was all I could do to mount the friction drive. Lol. So for me, the staton FD is cheap, reliable and I could install it with my limited skills.
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