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My hot rod is insured by Hagerty who insures antique and special interest vehicles. I recieved a warning from them regarding ethanol fuels and fuel lines in early/classic cars, especially rubber or neoprene fuel lines. I didn't really pay much attention to it until..........the fuel lines in my car started to leak. They were swelling, cracking and leaking as if they were fifty years old. In fact they were all less that five years old.
I replaced all of the flexable lines with tubing made for alcohol based fuels. Not cheap. About $12.00 per foot but it was cheap insurance against a bigger disaster.

Also I've had three accelerator pump failures in my Holley four barrel carb. I highly suspect that was from the effects of ethanol fuels which is all I can get in Colorado.

I've also had to replace the fuel lines in my lawn mower and snow blower. The original fuel lines were turning to goo. Soft and sticky and collapsing. Regular gasoline wouldn't have done what did?

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