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Talking Re: Any Welders For Hire in L.A.? It's Almost Time.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
JMHO but the swept back sort of stance gives her a sort of aggressive appearance. Not "sporty" but aggressive. LOL or to be PC, "assertive"

I agree with you on the rake angle. It is a common rake angle on many motorcycles. It nullifies the high speed shimmy found on steeper raked bicycles that I've white knuckled down the road.

Is a jig all that necessary for a one of a kind build? Really am asking. If every thing is st8 and good, then all good, me thinks.

My favorite looking store bought frame is the riverside. Really, really cheap bike from Kmart. Much more sedate then your frame but was thinking of making a jig using that frame as a templet. But liking the look of yours much more.

Way OT but every time I see your avatar, "I'm Mr. Heatmiser. I'm Mr. Hundred and One" starts playing in my head. Now we just need some one with a Mr. Snow Miser avatar.
(hehe, so we can race em)
You don't need a jig at all. You do need a laser or lasers, a protractor, a saw horse, a vise and some bubble levels. All can be had at Home Depot. You also need a lot of patience because it can be a bit nerve racking without a jig. You need to step way back from the bike frame and check it for straightness from multiple views.

I had no drawings, no sketches, no blueprints, and very few concrete measurements at all. I knew I had 13" from the ground to the center of the bikes hubs. I also knew the overall length from front tire to rear tire edge I was going for was 84". Seat height was to be no higher than 30" and the seat tube tube and down tube angles were already predetermined by the motor mount. That's all I knew going into this.

I said I was bringing "The Heat" on this build and nobody brings the heat quite like Heatmiser does. He's a timeless classic. LOL
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