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Default Re: n00b With new china motor stumped

Welcome aboard. Don't be shy about being a newb and asking questions. A forum should be 'alive'. It's not an encyclopedia.

Okay, you've checked your electrical connections. I still suspect that that's where your problem is, though. There are other possibilities. But this is the really common one.

So I'd go over your wiring once again. If that checks out, then it could be a spark plug, spark plug wire, CDI, magneto, and so on. Yes, it could be a fuel issue. But I'd still have a good look at spark first.

And I would recommend a multimeter. They're awfully cheap these days. And it'll save you from buying parts you only might need and waiting on them.

Give your electricals another go-over, won't you?

Then come on back and tell us the results. Someone'll spot the issue sooner or later.
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