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Angry n00b With new china motor stumped

Ok so I've been on the site searching for answers for about 2 hours now and I think I just need something a little bit more personalized. so please don't crucify me If the answer is on a couple of other posts already, chances are I've been to that post and couldn't really use the information due to lack of knowledge and experience or just sheer ignorance if you will.

well here it is, I was riding my bike and I think it was about the 130th Mile or so that I've been on it, since i built it a week ago its brand new. (China 2 stroke) and it after about 15 minutes of riding it it just stopped working so I thought maybe I had foamed the fuel in the carburetor or something like my oil mixture Was of so I stop for a couple minutes and put a little bit more oil in my gas And it started right up. it went for about another mile and died on me again when I got back home I found out it wasn't getting any spark. I've checked everything I could using the forums and still am at a loss. all the wires are connected correctly the magneto looks fine and like I stated earlier it's a brand new engine. I would greatly appreciate any help even though I know it's probably been covered on here before
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