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Default Re: Any Welders For Hire in L.A.? It's Almost Time.

JMHO but the swept back sort of stance gives her a sort of aggressive appearance. Not "sporty" but aggressive. LOL or to be PC, "assertive"

Is a jig all that necessary for a one of a kind build? Really am asking. If every thing is st8 and good, then all good, me thinks.

My favorite looking store bought frame is the riverside. Really, really cheap bike from Kmart. Much more sedate then your frame but was thinking of making a jig using that frame as a templet. But liking the look of yours much more.

Way OT but every time I see your avatar, "I'm Mr. Heatmiser. I'm Mr. Hundred and One" starts playing in my head. Now we just need some one with a Mr. Snow Miser avatar.
(hehe, so we can race em)
worst apocalypse ever

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