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Default Re: Nowhere to go?

I read a lot and as such the local library is one of my favorite destinations. As luck would have it our library sits on the periphery of a beautiful park. There's a big lake and the Rocky Mountains are a backdrop. I ride to the library, about 6 miles from home, get a couple of books then ride into the park. I'll find a comfy place to sit and read, park the bike nearby and blow a couple of hours. Almost without exception someone will stop and ask about the bike and we'll have a long conversation. I've met some great folks that way; old and young.

Of course you have to keep in mind this is Denver Colorado and we have something here called, winter . So my library excursions are limited to spring, summer and fall. Autumn happens to be my favorite time. A light jacket and get home before the sun starts to set. The bike becomes not only transportation but a means to an end.

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