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Default Re: Nowhere to go?

It's a pity, having an motorized bicycle and losing the motivation to ride it. A genuine misfortune.

In my case, viable 'entertainment' destinations are few. Such as commercial districts with shops I'd actually like to browse. Or residential neighborhoods that hold some interest. There are some such places around. But they are separated from me by either nasty traffic or steep inclines. And let's take note of bairdco's assertion that even places that would be viewed as entertaining by many lose some of their luster over time.

I have to conclude that you simply don't have available destinations that make the trip worthwhile. (You're not alone on that)

So do you have any other reason to ride? For me, the commmute gives me my reason. Whether motorized bicycle or pedal bicycle, it's better than driving. If commuting is an option for you, then that's what you ought to do.
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