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But if some one could build a crank and cases, for a horizontally opposed Ht twin!
With the clutch assembly to one side a little.
would want both pistons firing together, so a dual plane crank.
Then I would build with it a shaft drive!(or three!).
I recon I could do it if someone would let me into a machine shop for a while.
It couldn't be that hard.
And Iv'e been reading the foundry threads, but I'd prefer a Billet, with room around the transfer ports for flipping the barrels (and match porting to suit!).
Then 1 nice big 20 odd mm walbro, and twin expansion chambers.
Would be great in a trike!
But I'd also want one for a 'Morgan' style tadpole!
BMW R series style bikes.
Or mount it transverse (normal) with a chain in a stretched board tracker.
I know there's some clever folk out there!

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