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All depends on how much you enjoy working on it.
If you run any of the Ht's I've got off Ebay without total strip, and a 'timed port job', It will be a Pig.
If you rebuilt your motor from the start instead of hoping someone got it right for a change, then you'll probably know how to fix it.
If you take the time to learn, 2 strokes are far more challenging in getting them to do what you want but also more rewarding, especially for money spent.
I see some really nice aftermarket bits for 4 strokes if you got money to spend.
But I can turn a Au$180 E bay motor, with all the bits you need!, into a 50 Mph motor for the cost of a few tools that wouldn't come near what you'd have to spend to get the 4 stroke in the bike and competing.
That's if you get lucky with a well balanced crank in your Ht however!
I'll stick to two strokes, I have to fix 4 strokes at work!

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