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Default Re: Twin Carb Softtail

Got the Softtail tuned in a little better today, running .5mm main jets, and I've got the neddles up a notch on the clips from middle, it's a little rich while cold, but runs nice once warm, Idles beautifully and has a slightly darker than ideal plug. I will experiment with lifting the clips on the needles to the upper notch, one at a time, but think I'm pretty close. Besides I plan to run my bikes on an Av Gas Mix once I get them all sorted and running nice.
The motor is nothing special, A cheap 'GT5' with 38mm stroke and 'weird' Piston and rod.
It has awful Vibrations at 'moderate' revs. and needs to be 'detuned'. However I have over notched the piston to suit the 'lifted' and 'strange' barrel that came from a different motor! and can't find a new GT5 piston in OZ!
So at the moment see is lacking in both top end and bottom end!
The motor was built to be fast and is match ported, stuffed cases, and has a decomp valve in the head, but just Vibrates too much!
I'm considering Buying a balanced crank for her but built this bike to cruise on, and looking for low down grunt, So I need a new piston and she's getting a detune. Was also considering a reed valve, and started making my own but that deserves it's own thread.
The Shift Kit was a 'lemon' and for $99 each, I got two.
But after much messing around It works, But not near as smooth as a single BMX chain to a properly 'trued' Rag Joint.
Some better sprockets are probably all It needs though.
I took a close up of the rear end, which works well and is almost 'invisable' in true HD Softail style.
The pullstart is fantastic on this bike as the combination of high compression and 'weird' back gearing, was bending the cranks, hence the decop valve, which is no longer 'necessary' but makes the pull cord last a lot longer.
The Tank needs a Coat of Paint, But I like the Rat rod look for her.

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