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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
here is a crappy pic ... sorry guys ... i was just soo damn mad and needed to vent some how ! still would like to hear others stories though, if things like this have happend to you.... plz ... do tell !
When I ride I ride off to the far right side of the road giving the cars and trucks enough room to pass me even on one lane roads I notice from that schematic your made your directly in front of that vehicle "Which is your right to be" perhaps the guy was pissed ff for having to go 25 -30 MPH all the way down the road and took it out on you at the intersection I.D.K.

I do know I also live in Mass and 99% of the drivers I encounter are pretty courteous. In fact I'm even kind of famous in my town I get the " Your the guy on that bicycle with the lawnmower engine right " I just smile and wave yup thats me .

I will also " but not often " go so far as to ride towards on coming traffic if my rear light dies or something . It just feels safer than getting hit from behind. Ya just gotta watch out for the people who pull out and only look left I do this because it's how I rode my bicycle before it had an engine like this and I do the same with an engine . I ride like this is because one time I was struck in the shoulder with a truck mirror and the truck kept on going into my "lane" so If I was 20' ahead of myself I wouldn't be here .. he would have run my down

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