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Default Re: Better introduce my self properly.

Thank's guys,
It seems a friendly bunch, and a few very Knowledgeable and helpful people, which is why I'm here. I'm hoping to get back in touch with Jimbo, as I only Knew him from the Forum, and I left after sticking up for him (but not without a fight...). But I think i had a couple of 'followers' that I'll try and coax.
And I'll try my hardest to be polite.
Maybe I can be a sociopath?, preferring machines to people, so please put up with me!
I'm one of those people that spends more time 'playing with my 'Toys' than actually using them, and get bored easily. So usualy have lots of projects going at once.
I'm 'Semi Retired' with small children, so get to spend a fair bit of time in my 'Shop'.
Recycling is my main theme, and try to spend as little as possible on the 'Shiny new stuff.'
Out of all my bikes, The Phantom is the only one that didn't come to me as a basket case, usually from the local dump.
My Welding is improving, but has plenty of room! I hope to afford a bottle of Argon for my TIG soon and that will be long awaited, as I've been 'Patiently' putting my projects together by 'Stick'.
I recently stripped my Photo Bucket Library as I no longer wanted my work to benefit the 'Forum Chief', So will be starting from scratch here with only current work and New Photos, other than a few I'll take to show off 'finished' Bikes.
With So many projects I only like to spend a few hundred on each, am not trying to build show bikes or anything to sell. Just having fun and learning.
If anyone is interested in my previous work, I believe the Text is all still there but I'm afraid I deleted all Photos in 'protest'. And I think there is only one Aussie Forum.
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