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Default Re: How many engines

i ride my motor bike like its the last day on earth and i beat the living crap out of it....

now that being said... i am a vary good mechanic and i have built my bike ti take the abuse so to speak.

i have it ported and polished wide open and have a lightend top end, titainium wrist pin and upgraded needle bearings and even modded and trimmed the piston... those mods lighten up the top end and make the motor more reliable at higher rpms with less vibration, i run this motor at a corrected or static 13:1 comp so the higher grade bearings and lightning it up was nessasary..... i run 13:1 comp with 100 octane its actualy my own mixed race fuel... 3 parts 93 oct and 1 part xylene or toulene to get 100 octane.. this prevents detonation and provides better combustion as detonation kills motors by over stressing the bearings.

to keep it all lubed up at high rpms... i mix my own concualktion of lubricants and oils into my custom race gas..... first i mix a good quality 2 stroke synthetic race oil in the 100 octaine to get a mix of 40 to1 (lucas oil royal purple, opti 2, husvarna, ipone,...) then with the 40 to 1 mix i add upper cylinder lube to it to get it to 32 to 1 mix (lucas oil upper cylinder lube, or marvel mystery oil) this leaves me with 100 octane mixed 32 to 1 with upper cylinder lube in it for added protection from high rpm riding for extended periods of time ...7500rpms for 30 min strait......

know even knowing all this and designing my motor to run like soo.... i still tear off the top end EVERY WEEK and inspect it visualy and inspect the tolerances with mcromiters and vernia calipers... it only takes an hour or so for me to do this.

and so far so good !!!!! its been about 2,000 miles on this 13:1 comp race motor turning 7,000 to 8,500 rpms on the regular and my cylinder shows little signs of scoring and my piston is hardly scored and my rings are still black !!!! my combustion chamber has ZERO CARBON BUILDUP due to the lucas cylinder lube and is still shiny !!!! all my bearings are in verry good condition and the motor over all looks and runs great !

its been my experiance that motors that have been modded by someone who knows what they are doing and are kept well maintained useually last a lot longer than an out the box slap on and go job...

i have found that the stock china girl with no mods or work will give you more trouble than its worth,.... but after you mod it a little and fix a few design flaws like the needle bearings and cheap case seals combustion chamber design and comp ratio.... it becomes a sweet little motor !

i have got 2,000 hard high rpm miles on this motor and it looks like it has at least another 4,000 miles left on it riding the same way...

i am shure though that if i drove it like my grandpa and babied it it would last forever with only a ring swap every year or so, but what fun would that be ? LOL
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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