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Default Hi from Monterey!

Hi everyone, I'm Marc, I've been a small motor enthusiast for a few years, I have a 1948 Doodlebug I rebuilt, I'm not a mechanic, just a weekend tinkerer. Last summer I dragged my 1999 6 speed Schwinn cruiser from the side of the house, removed the banana seat (oh, why did I do that?) the big moon handlebars, the rusty springer fork and sanded and painted it wrinkle black, the wheels red and put some drop bars on it (my daughters unused 16" cruiser bars upside down) and fat cream colored tires. When I was done it was 'this thing needs a motor!' Fast forward to last weekend and my black Stinger kit arrived!
I've ridden this bike all summer, it's not a show piece so I went about the install without really doing anything to it except dusting the wheels…
I have a 32 tooth front cog, so I was able to mount the engine real low, didn't have to drill the frame, maybe that's a tip for everyone, changing the front cog (pedals easier) is a 20 minute job and they can be had for cheap. I have the Schwinn chrome horn tank which I didn't want to lose right now so I mounted the gas tank on an old rack at the rear, put an inline filter in and I'm ready to ride!
I've seen some of the magic work here on this site and I have no hope of even trying to be in that league, some of you guys are Artists to the max, I don't have those skills! Anyway, I'll try and post pics, I have the evil 16:1 soup in it now, I think I have about three miles on it so far, it feels good, though very boggy and does the 'four stroke thing' but hey, three miles, plenty of smiles! Cheers all, I look forward to hanging out and sharing the good life!
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