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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Well I finally got the Fred TIGHTCASE motor run in on the Kent LaJolla RACE BIKE .
So Friday Saturday and Sunday morning I finished trasplant it over "BLUE" (my Huffydavidson)
Now that it's broke in I can start it with the pullstarter which is mandatory for the way my shift kit is set up with chain tensioners.Then we went out for a ride. Holy Smokes Batman!!!! I was fast before but BLUE is off the the chart. I was running my own built 4.5HP but this truly fells like TWICE the motor.
Needless to say I am one happy camper!!!!
Now I'm on to installing another Fred motor on the LaJolla . This one is right now a Limited Edition PROTOTYPE yet to come out for sale by Fred.
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