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Default Re: automatic china girls on ebay?

Sorry, not intending to threadjack here..

I met the guy selling that autobike this afternoon. He let me have it for $150, since it was a 40 minute drive to meet him.

I wish I'd had my camera on me (charging in the car).. he has a small barn/large shed packed with bikes, parts, wheels.. there was a narrow winding walkway (sort of) through to the back wall.. bikes were piled as tight as they could be from the walls out, hung from the rafters so tightly together you'd probably have to take down 10 to get to the one you want, and they were piled in the loft above that as well. I could spend a week in there and probably not get to the bottom of the pile. Most of them were mountain bike and hybrids of them. Peeking out of a pile is something that I'm pretty sure was an old Colson cruiser.. there was a quad-bike frame in another corner.. (shakes head) What should have been a 10 minute stop and go turned into an hour or so of poking around. I have his number, and I told him I'll be in touch when I need something.

So, returning you to the thread now..


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