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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

I feel very privileged to live in a rural area and a small country town as by and large other road users are quite patient and courteous towards an old lady dressed in old fashioned style clothing who rides a variety of ancient bicycles. Sometimes folk will pass a little close (usually city folk who have been let out for the day) and I have even been filmed by people hanging out passenger side windows as cars pass me by.
Even though roads around town are often used by double trailer logging trucks and milk tankers I feel quite safe, though on some of the more narrow river bridges I will stop and check both ways for approaching heavy vehicles and let them cross before I carry on with my ride.

When I was still living and working in the city I used to take my bicycle with me on the suburban trains and then ride the rest of my way to my destination. There were more than a few very busy intersections where I'd become a pedestrian and wheel my bike across the road on the crossing signal; - not that that was particularly safe either as one time a car that had stopped for me was plowed into from behind at high speed by another car whose driver had failed to see the red light. Once across the road I had to stop and lean on my bike for a while until my heart rate slowed down to normal again. Fortunately nobody was hurt, though I did come close to being hit as the first car was pushed onto the crossing.

I don't think I would want to try riding a bicycle in the city again. Apart from the exhaust fumes, most roads are carrying far more traffic than they were ever intended to carry and the majority of drivers are very aggressive and drive much too fast. Back in my twenties I can remember when the city council engineers were telling the city politicians that something would need to be done with improving roads to carry an increased projected traffic loading. Their response was that traffic densities were never going to get that high, - well they didn't get that high, - they got even higher than projected.
I imagine somewhere there is an algebraic equation that traffic engineers now use that relates the brain density of politicians to shortsightedness over projected traffic densities
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