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Default Re: Happy Time Electric Starter/Generator Question...

I had a change in plans with my engine and bike rebuild. I took my bike apart only to find out how freaking cheap this thing was build. I mean the wheel bearings, steering column bearings, and bottom bracket (pedal crank) bearings had no bearing chasers so the steel balls were rubbing against each other in opposite directions. Even with grease this is an issue since I have and engine for the bike. Also since I live in a coastal environment the salty marine fog around here corroded the liven daylights out of the so-called chrome parts and even the aluminum parts look like they corroded like lead battery posts.

Needless to say I'm rebuilding this bike from scratch with high quality parts. I'm stripping the paint off all the parts (including my freshly repainted engine) so that I can put a protective nickel eletroplate on it. Nickel is resistant to this type of corrosion and polished it looks like chome.

I had foot surgery last November and the holidays slowed me down on this project but I'm going at it again soon.

As for the electric starter goes I think it's going to work rather nicely however I'm going to make a new magneto cover to mount the starter motor on. The original cover may bust all to pieces the first time I power the motor due to the torque.

I also want to find a way to balance the crankshaft with the flywheels to reduce vibration.

I'll get busy on this within the next few weeks and post my progress.
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