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Originally Posted by BrettMavriK View Post
Hey, love those bikes on your site, btw.
I especially love the vintage Harley photo. It's nice to see we are all literally going back to the roots of the motorcycle.

By isolating the engine with bushings, you must separate the jackshaft from the engine, otherwise you are defeating the purpose. I have a similar set up on a chopper I am building using urethane bushings and a tubular jackshaft mounted to the seat post. It's hard welded because I'm going custom. I plan on offering up something very soon that will be for Schwinn Stingrays that will have clamshell mounts, urethane bushings, and a built in jackshaft. The Stingray rear wheel will have a 5 speed freewheel and derailer with a grip shifter.
Also offered up soon will be disc brake adaptors for Stingray wheels. I'm working closely with Jim from Creative Engineering. I also dreamed up a specialized dual independent/unison brake lever for the brakes. The prototype things I plan to market can be seen on my bike build, which is the R&D platform. It's located on the other site, so I hope I don't get flamed.

Thats a really interesting project.
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