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Default Re: I Need Cargo Space Any Sugestions

Where I live there are these old guys who adapt those plastic hand baskets like you see at
stores with the two folding hand grips. These come in a larger and smaller size too. What
they do is to put two larger ones on either side of the rear wheel with a smaller one mounted
atop the rear fender on a rack. Then one of the larger baskets is mounted across the handle
bars. I even saw one with an additional two smaller baskets on the front forks. For a total of
six baskets.

They go around the Stadium where the local UNI has football games picking up aluminum cans
stepping on them to crush them and then pitch them into the baskets.

I'd say it's a profitable industry for them as those baskets seems to be overflowing any time I
see them out there after a game.

Awhile back I mentioned seeing a guy on a bike who looked like a giant cabbage. He had all
these net sacks around him filled with pop cans the morning after a game. As I saw him slowly
moving down the street I noticed he wasn't pedaling the bike, and as it turned out it was an
electric bike. The first electric one I'd ever seen.
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