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Hello everyone from Sioux Falls, SD. It's 5 deg outside and I am nearing completion of the 3rd reinventing of my motor assisted bicycle. It was 2009 when I saw a group of 6 people on these really cool bicycles with gas engines. I got to Googling and soon had my first kit. Since then, I have trolled these forums for tips and tricks to get my motor assisted bicycle working just right. Being a bicycle mechanic is a nice added bonus, as I can build my own wheels and such.

I am also an avid bicyclist. I am certified by The League of American Bicyclists as a safe bicycling instructor. I am president of the local bicycle club. And, like previously mentioned, I am a full time mechanic at a local bike shop. I am a "roadie" who rides 2000-3000 miles a year. I have a life goal to ride 10,000 RAGBRAI miles before I turn 50. at 39, I have just south of 3000 of those miles accounted for. If you have never heard of RAGBRAI, google it. 500 mile ride over 7 days from the Missouri River across Iowa to the Mississippi River the last full week of July. Oh yeah, and there is A LOT of beer and homemade pie involved. I'm not the only one either. Last year they estimate there were about 30,000 riders.

Introductions aside, here is the result of the last couple months of work:

The headlight and the tail light were both a part of a flashlight from the 50's called The Big Beam. I found it at a local antique store. It had a 6 volt sealed glass main lamp and a small screw type flasher for the red lens. I removed the glass lamp and replaced it with the reflector and front lens from a cheap wally world lantern. The bulb is from an 18v Ryobi flashlight. More on that later...The taillight is a 12v automotive led lamp. The #196 I believe. I removed the screw in lamp and base and replaced it with the 196 automotive socket. The original flasher on the flashlight was on the handle and was hinged so when using the flasher, it could be in a raised position. I simply cut it off and used the dremel and a cardboard template to get it to just the right curve for the fender. The headlight had the tabs from the way it mounted to the flashlight already. I used a caster wheel as the mount. Nice and sturdy.
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