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Default Re: What engine kit should I get?

Originally Posted by TFroehlichIII View Post
I'm looking to use the bike to take to and from work in the warm weather months. I would rather get a 4-stroke engine just because I have had better luck with them rather than 2-strokes. I would like to have the freedom to fill it up anywhere without having to worry about mixing it.
I like the $350 HF 142F 4-stroke with 4G transfer case kit from

They typically need a little pedal help to get going so a low geared single speed which is easy by replacing the $2 18T hub sprocket with a 19T or just us a 7-speed bike but once you get them going they run nice and can do ~30MPH.

What really rocks that engine with a SBP shift kit and an internal 3-speed, not need to pedal and they will they 35MPH.

But that is way out of your price range.
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