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Default Re: Not the hobby for me... :(

so off topic:
Originally Posted by bluegoatwoods View Post
I'm curious, bairdco. If these bots are texting you asking of 'the item is still available', then what's their angle? If you didn't know who you were dealing with and took their bait, then what would their mechanism for ripping you off be?

Would they ask you to send the item and then give some variation on 'the check's in the mail'?
thats exactly what they will do. they will ask to send you a money order and send the extra back. also. a bot may have sent the first message or two.. but once your reply an actual person knowns and jumps in.

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
You miss my point,
yes, a phone # can be texted but I just reply and ask them to call me and if they don't it's no deal.

Never had a spammer / scammer talk to me on the phone.
i had scammers calling/texting me about my motorhome i had for sale. wasnt it wicked annoying. the people calling me were from this "company"
that was a 3rd party buyer/seller. called me once a day for like 2 weeks!
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