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Default Re: Not the hobby for me... :(

Originally Posted by bluegoatwoods View Post
I'm curious, bairdco. If these bots are texting you asking of 'the item is still available', then what's their angle? If you didn't know who you were dealing with and took their bait, then what would their mechanism for ripping you off be?

Would they ask you to send the item and then give some variation on 'the check's in the mail'?
The usual ploy is to mail you a fake check or money order with a stolen UPS account in an overnight envelope for more than what the item is selling for because the extra money is to pay their "shipper" who will be coming to pick it up or some other silly story.

Then they get the "stupid" to mail back the "extra" money to their shipper by
Western Union and then the bank bounces the phony check a few weeks later..........

I have a few of these bad looking checks and one very good looking USPS money order that is missing the watermark.
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