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Default Re: Disc Brake Kits?

Hi Guys,

The Kits we have developed (click here) will available towards the end of this month. This eBay trial is aimed to gauge the interest in the UK market. We will of course be then selling to the US and we have Outrunner and another user from this forum interested in becoming a distributor/dealer in the US. Once we have negotiated terms either with a dealer or by selling direct we will be selling them as standard on our fully built bikes and as kits. The biggest concern is due to the fact that we intend to sell the wheels as well, and the postage implications. We could just sell the bolt on calipers to be used on normal bicycle disc wheels, but for us motored bikers thats not much help. Our rear wheels have the drive sprocket adapted to the axle and therefore you need our hub. The other option therefore is to supply just the hub+disc+calipers and the end user get a wheel built around it. Let us know what you think.
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