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Default Re: Not the hobby for me... :(

Originally Posted by mattimuss View Post
I was eager to start building my 49cc Schwinn Drifter to ride back and fourth to work which I did finish building thanks to the help of this forum. However, for some reason I didn't take on the hobby/mode of transportation like I thought I would. I think the lack of garage made it harder for me to have fun tinkering with this project. I wasn't a very active member here except for learning a lot on this forum. Thank you all again!!! Therefore according to forum rules I am not allowed to sell on the swap thread. I am not sure where to turn to sell, Craigslist has too many spammers and don't really have the friends that are interested. Advice would greatly be appreciated.

Where in San Diego are you located? I might be willing to buy your bike if you live in my area.
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