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Default Re: Disc Brake Kits?

Originally Posted by old motorbike View Post
I bought a tektro kit for disc brakes, not knowing what is involved. I realized after getting the kit that it's a bolt on for a bike that already has disc brakes.
Mine is clamp type. I got a used wheel from a bike shop that the rotor bolts up. Now I need to weld a caliper mount to my forks and use a longer cable to route there.

Now I'm waiting as I want to do a suspension fork (or a new frame) as I have an old dept. store bike that nothing is compatible with. I believe the disc front will work much better than the old clamps.
Okay, Thank you Old MB, You provided just the info that I needed. I wondered
how the disc and caliper attached to the front forks! It sure starts to get kinda
expensive doesn't it? Tiger tooth bikes in the UK has developed a prototype disc
brake conversion kit, but it's not available yet. I E-mailed them and they responded
saying that they need more interested buyers before they built 5 or 10 at a time.
Man, we really NEED disc brakes on these bikes, I hope your project turns out ok.
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