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Default Re: Hydrofoiling motorized bicycles

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
....have two or three of them out there and mark off a course will some floating markers and have a race .......

Hrmm... Sounds like fun.. So, the Motorbicycle Triathlon can now be organised.. so, swim/cycle/run gets changed up... Pontoon race across a pond, followed by a road race (got to be sure there's a couple of uphill runs included), and lastly for the 'run' segment the back wheel gets a zip tie to the frame to keep it from rolling (to simulate bringing it home with a rear flat) and the rider must cross the finish line with thier motor assisted bicycle or be disqualified...

Hey, how about we do it quarterly? Now for sites for the event... Ah, got it. I nominate Paul to host the event every January in the Virgin Islands. The Pacific Northwest here is amazing from March until October, so the second (around the end of April) could be here... July-ish, well, continental North America just starts getting too hot around then, so somewhere in Europe or the UK might be good... Then maybe 'dahn undah' for the October race, Aus or NZ, should be just about springtime there then.. Perhaps we can find a field near Intrepid Wheelwoman's place to camp around then...


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